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The Way Home media's owner/artist Joel Pelletier has years of offline and online video and music/audio experience. Recent multimedia projects and jobs include music video production, editing and uploading (to websites and YouTube), and live onsite audio/video sound production (for corporate & non-profit seminars, including speakers, presenters and performers). In February 2012 he completed production and editing of a new demo video for the Led Zeppelin rock tribute band HEARTBREAKER:

In 2008 Joel directed and edited a music video for the punk band The DoGs (also known as The Detroit DoGs):

In 2007, working with film director Jeff Stein, Joel produced and edited music a demo video for The Who tribute band The Who Show:

In 2009 Joel directed a follow-up live demo video the the band:

Joel can create your videos, including original content in HD for DVD and online presentation, including shooting, editing and formatting for all platforms, including posting to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and all other online channels. More video samples are available at and

As a music producer/copmposer/arranger/performer, Joel Pelletier has been involved in music professionally for over 35 years. A trained classical musician and experienced pro pop/rock performer and songwriter/producer, he is trained in many styles and techniques of music composition and arrangement. Utilizing a complete computer-based music composition and recording environment, as well as working in some of Los Angeles' top recording studios with some of it's finest professional musicians, he has created and produced classical, pop and rock recordings, both with lyrics and instrumental-only.

Chamber Pop CD Making Chamber Pop Sinus Video Touch video

  • Go to for many audio and video samples.

    In 2002 he demonstrated, in a 3-hour recording session, with minimal expense and state-of-the-art technology, a high-tech live 5.1 audio 4-song demo (and video) of his latest pop/classical music.

    realTime session realTime session

    His 1999 enhanced CD Chamber Pop was the culmination of 6 years of composing, arranging, pre-production, recording and mixing (as well as CD-ROM design and creation, videio production, and CD packaging design). Added to these skills are complete DV video production (for creating dramatic, documentary or promotional videos). All of these multimedia services are now available for clients, and completed projects have included:

    • Saving the Endagered Species CD-ROM seried for RED Productions
    • CD-ROM and video production for Harmonica Music, including educational CD-ROM reformatting of video titles and complete video lesson scripting, directing and editing.

    Please contact the Way Home media for information on our complete range of multimedia services, including professional equipment, operators and engineers. What took many people and lots of money just a few years ago can now be produced with a limited, knowlegeable crew and realistic budgets, and video demo reels are available.

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