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I treat my clients like people, not like a business. I approach my websites and other design work the same way I approach my music and art: direct, honest and simple, with an eye towards clean, functional design. In 1993 I purchased my first computer as an aid in composing my music and lyrics, printing scores and parts, and creating and maintaining a website featuring my music and art. By then I had already over a decade of professional experience in advertising, sales (wholesale and retail), marketing, graphic design, music and video. Gradually my graphic design and desktop publishing clients began asking about the Internet, and what they could do with it. What started out as a hobby has grown into a full-time professional consulting, design and maintenance company, and I take the same pride in the work I do for others as I do in my own.

Way Home media clients, most aquired through client referrals, are getting more than a "website;" they are getting the combined skills and knowledge that ask the right questions before the work is started:

  • Why do you need a website?
  • What are you trying to achieve online?
  • Is the Internet best for products, services and/or information?
  • How simple or how complex does the site need to be?
  • How quickly and easily can viewers find what they want - and what you want them - to find?
  • How much bleeding-edge technology is necessary (or not necessary) on your site?
  • How important is design and image to your site?
  • How can multimedia, online and off, be used to enhance your products/services?
  • How can Search Engine programming and traditional marketing get viewers to your site?
  • How can this best be achieved quickly and at a reasonable cost?
My sites - and all other work - are designed to look professional, yet not overly elaborate or excessive, and without over-reliance on complex, expensive and slow-loading programming technologies. All web page HTML coding is done by hand, ensuring the uniqueness, elegance and efficiency of each site. Logos, color palettes, fonts and images are all chosen to create a strong first impression. Navigation, key to any website, is designed foremost for simplicity and functionality.

As the Internet moves into yet another generational cycle, many existing sites are looking too complex and/or too outdated, or are too expensive to maintain in their present form. More and more clients are asking for redesign and maintenance services for their present sites, many designed either by well-meaning amatuers, or hard-to-contact (or overly-expensive) designers no longer responsive to the clients needs. As their website grows and ages, I recommend continuing to update functionality and content, along with periodic (or at minimum yearly) revisions and refacing of the entire site.

Along with a growing web and design client list including eritech international, Cinamour Entertainment, GM Obsolete, IBM, Northrop Grumman, Practical Props, Jamnation Music, Terpsichopre Dance Management, SAVON and General Appliance Refinishing, I continue to acquire new multimedia skills as a video artist, skills available for my clients seeking industrial and/or demo videos for online, electronic, CDROM, DVD and broadcast delivery. Direct, one-to-one service and consulting ensures that client projects are understood and executed within a larger context, taking into account your business, design, current technology, sales and marketing. As a small, artist/owned company with low overhead and broad experience in many fields, my fees are reasonable and ethical, with quick turnaround times and fast project delivery.

My sincere desire is to deliver only the best services and solutions for current and future clients, and to continue to offer them solutions and services for years to come. My independence as an artist is important to me, and the financial independence I have worked hard to achieved through the Way Home media is a privilege I do not take for granted.

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