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Stein on Vine Bass roomStein On Vine is known worldwide for its extensive, varied high-quality acoustic upright basses. They are expert at setup and repair of basses of all ages, sizes and vintage, and cater to both Jazz and Classical players. They have access to high-quality and affordable Chinese basses for beginners and students, mid-level US and European basses for working pros, and very fine and valuable vintage instruments for classical soloists, including 250 year old Stainers. They also carry the COMPLETE line of bass accessories, including bows, strings, pickups, bags, cases and amplifiers for the working bassist. As a Jazz bassist himself, Gary KNOWS basses, especially how to set up, plane and voice new and used instruments to your exact specifications. Below is only a sample of his varied and ever-changing inventory - call today for more information.

Stainer 7/8 Bass
A superb 250 year-old bass for the finest Jazz or Classical player.

Voit & Giger "Thin Bass"
A rare and unique "thin bass," 3/4 size from 1938, designed for the travelling profesional Jazz musician.

Tyrolean 5/8 Bass
Appx. 200 years old, flat back, GREAT sound and playability for soloists, but with a huge sound!

Complete Jazz Bass Setups
Everything a professional requires - a quality German bass, an Underwood pickup, a bow quiver and complete action setup and voicing. We do it all - call today!

Samuel Kolstein Bass Bow
Steins has a large selection of German and French-style bows, rosins and cases. Pictured is a Kolstein German bow, made in New York. Excellent EXTRA LONG vintage bow, rare and in demand!

Please call for current inventory of new and used acoustic basses and accessories.


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